Club Ethos

Respect and value our players, coaches, officials, sponsors and supporters

Cultivate club pride and loyalty

Support inclusivity and development of all players to achieve their potential

Leadership and discipline is our on field solution

Preserve our traditions and heritage


The dictionary defines ethos as “the distinctive spirit of people, their culture, their philosophy, and their moral values”.  At the Canning Vale Junior Football Club, we would like to think that when a player, supporter or sponsor joins our club and walks through the door for the first time, they can feel a certain atmosphere that permeates the club at all levels.

It is a special something that emerges from within, the character that promotes persistence through diversity and searches for success and excellence.  A feeling that promotes the expectation of winning, of hard work, learning and accepting the disciplines of modern football.  Above all it produces the maximum potential of each individual.  Our ethos does not seek to stifle individual brilliance, flair or confidence under the heading of discipline; rather it encourages everyone to display and apply their talents that complement team rules, style of play, on field leadership and influences every functional area of the football club.  Our ethos also encourages inclusivity and that all players should be encouraged and supported so as to achieve their potential.

A vibrant Canning Vale Junior Football Club ethos and structure produces a football environment in which individuals can excel, with exposure to modern coaching methods and individual personal skill development.

We should all be mindful that a club ethos does not suddenly appear. We must aim to aspire, market and promote individual endeavours within our ranks at all levels, so as to ensure we contribute initiatives that establish, maintain, nurture and advance our club ethos for future generations to come.