To ensure the Canning Vale Junior Football Club develops its aims and ethos, the club cannot tolerate any unsportsmanlike and/or inappropriate conduct on the part of coaches, players, members, administrators, sponsors, or supporters.

All such persons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner to reflect the highest level of honour, integrity and fair play.

Any individual or matter which brings the Canning Vale Junior Football Club’s Code into disrepute will be referred to the disciplinary council.


Players Code of Conduct

Behave in a responsible manner at all times, on and off the field.
Respect yourself as you respect others. Be a Team Player. Bullying or intimidation of team mates or opposition players is NOT acceptable.
Be a good sport and ENJOY the game.
Applaud good play and ALWAYS encourage teammates.
Play by the rules at all times.
Control your temper. NEVER dispute/discuss decisions made by umpires. Take the matter up with your coach or through appropriate channels. Abuse of umpires, officials or other players, or provoking/intimidating an opponent is not acceptable.
Do not swear or abuse other players, umpires or officials
Enjoy the game and the company of teammates and opponents.
Remember that you are an ambassador for the Canning Vale Junior Football Club, the East Fremantle Football League and AFL Football.
Be prepared to take responsibility for your actions.


Spectators Code of Conduct

AFL Kids First Policy - Basic principles are to remind adults that:
Sport for children is a vital part of their growing up.
Children like to win, but more importantly, they want to have fun.
Parents and coaches need to set the right example at the sports ground, not just at home
Adults should be proud of a child's efforts irrespective of the result.
Sport is important to children's self esteem.

All adults that are involved in junior football need to be aware that their actions will have an effect on:
a) their child's ongoing participation in sport,
b) other children's ongoing participation in sport and
c) umpires and official's ongoing participation in sport.

Adults shall:
Encourage participation but do not force participation upon children.
Teach that honest effort is the victory, not the winning.
Ensure that you always respect the umpires decision - ALWAYS! Encourage kids to play by the rules and accept the umpires decision at all times. The Canning Vale Junior Football Club takes a zero tolerance approach to umpire abuse.
Never ridicule mistakes or yell at a child for making mistakes or losing.
Remember, involvement is for their enjoyment, not yours.
Remember, they learn best by example. Applaud both teams.
Recognise positively the recreational contribution of voluntary officials, coaches and administrators from both clubs/sides. Without them the kids could not participate.
Never publicly disagree with officials. Raise issues privately.
Support all efforts to remove verbal, racial and physical abuse and to settle disagreements with resorting to hostility or violence.
Remember that smoking and the consumption of alcohol is unacceptable at junior sport.
Support your club officials to foster high standard of behaviour for you club and the District.


Coaches Code of Conduct

Create a Safe, Fun & Fair team environment
Obtain and maintain your coaching accreditation. Keep up to date with latest coaching developments by attending meetings and seminars.
Understand and abide by the Laws and Rules: - Including the Laws of the Game, the District By-laws and the rules of your Club.
Teach the Rules – to players and parents. Encourage your players to always play by the rules. Ensure that the rules are adhered to in the spirit of good sportsmanship
Develop team respect for opponents, umpires and coaches. It is also a coach’s responsibility to ensure that this respect is also shown from the parents of the players in your team. Take an active role in ensuring that your parents always show respect for opponents, umpires and coaches. This includes showing respect for the umpire’s decision.
Behave in a responsible manner at all times, on and off the field.
Act as a role model for players and other club members.
Do not swear or abuse players, umpires or officials.
Do not argue with umpires or officials.
Enjoy the game yourself and encourage others to do the same.
Remember that you are an ambassador for the Canning Vale Junior Football Club, the East Fremantle Football League and AFL Football.
Focus on the child’s efforts and self-esteem rather than winning or losing.
Success as a coach should not be measured by winning a premiership, but by how many of your players continue to play football next year.


Officials Code of Conduct

Officials are representing the club and the East Fremantle District and setting an example to the players / parents.
Foster high standards of behaviour for your club and the District.
Try to resolve any conflict in a calm, sensible manner (when possible in private).
Be aware of potential volatile situations at all times and be prepared to deal with them appropriately.
Speak to parents / spectators that are not following the Codes of conducts stipulated by the club, reminding them of the club expectations regarding spectator behaviour.
Ensure that there is a policy in place for player rotations for all teams at your club. Ensure that coaches abide by this policy.   
Take into consideration the developmental level of the children, when scheduling and determining the length of practice times and competition.
Enjoy the game and encourage others to do the same



“ Train Hard, Play Hard and Have Fun ”

We the players of the Canning Vale Junior Football Club agree to uphold the values of the club that include training hard, playing fair, having fun, showing respect for our team mates, coaches, volunteers, umpires and opponents.

We will pursue football excellence at a team and personal level and will persevere through all adversities to do our best.

We will utilize the skills learnt, including respect, comradeship, discipline & leadership, and use these skills in everyday life.