Team First Aid Kits


The individual Cougar’s Team First Aid Kits have been equipped with basic supplies, to deal with general game day injuries/ailments.

The range of equipment provided in these kits was established after consultation with a Canning Vale Pharmacist.

These kits are not designed, or to be used, to cater for ongoing treatment of injuries. It is the responsibility of both the player and parents to provide strapping and bandages etc, for the continued treatment of such injuries.


Player Medication


While the club has, through details provided on the club registration forms, been advised of players who have medical problems or suffer allergies, it is still the responsibility of both player and parents to supply and administer the required medication.

Club officials are not permitted to supply or administer any form of player medication or painkillers.


Team First Aid Officers


Each team in the Year 4 to Year 12 age groups has a designated First Aid Officer who will be attired with an identifying First Aid vest and is the only person permitted on the ground in the case of a player injury.

These officers are in most cases, not medically trained doctors or paramedics. They will all have had basic first aid training, however decisions based on treatment of a serious injury will be referred to the players’ parent.


Serious Player Injury


Should a player receive a serious injury during a match, the club officials (first aid officer, manager, coach) will assess the situation and after consultation with parents or guardians, call for an ambulance if required.

The cost of the ambulance is the responsibility of the parent, not the club. However, the clubs basic player insurance policy MAY cover 50% of this cost, but the balance is then payable by the parents. We recommend families that have Private Health Insurance use their cover for claiming ambulance fees, as the out of pocket costs to the family would be less. Rebates given also depend on the severity of the injury and level of ambulance care required.

If parents or guardians are not in attendance at games, we request they notify the player’s team managers or coaches where and how they can be contacted, as the club prefers the parents be aware of the situation prior to us authorising sending a player by ambulance to hospital.

If a parent cannot be contacted, the club will make the decision based on the needs of the player. All costs for ambulance/hospital treatment in this instance will be borne by the parents.


Player Insurance


All junior football clubs are covered for player insurance under a policy organised through the AFL. Details of the basic insurance cover can be found on the JLT Sport (AFL) website.