If you want to play at Canning Vale Junior Football Club and have previously played at another club you will need to complete the Transfer process PRIOR to completing an on-line registration with our club. The process is generally applied as follows:

  1. Download and fill out the clearance form (Click Here) with your personal details and send it to the Canning Vale Registrar – the process will not commence until the registrar has received this form.
  2. Once the form is received, we will contact your current club to inform them that you intend to transfer – at this point your current club may contact you to discuss the reasons for your transfer and resolve them if possible.
  3. The formal transfer process is done online, and this is enabled on the 1st of February
  4. The Canning Vale Registrar will commence the online transfer process for all players who have submitted a form from the 1st February
  5. The transfer/clearance process will take some time as approvals from your current club and the District Registrar are obtained
  6. Once current club and District Registrar clearance approvals are obtained, then the Canning Vale Registrar can approve the transfer and an email will be sent to the player informing them that they can now register with the Canning Vale Junior Football Club.

Although the transfer process and registrations can be completed early in February, team allocations will not occur until late February / early March once returning players have had the opportunity to register. It is district and club policy to prioritise returning players when allocating teams, and if places are available after this, then transferring players will be allocated in order of their transfer request receipt, to teams as per the clubs policy.

Whilst we will always do our best to satisfactorily place transferring players into a team, unfortunately we don’t always have places available to accept everyone. In the unfortunate event that we cannot satisfactorily allocate a transferring player to a team, then a full refund of registration fees will be made.

If you have any queries about the transfer process, please contact either your current clubs registrar or the relevant Canning Vale Registrar.